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Message from the President
Your Support Sustained Us over a Quarter of a Century

Since its inception in Akasaka, Tokyo, 25 years ago, and now in Musashino in west Tokyo, we have been striving to create "exciting moments" through our business.

In every opportunity given to us, we strove to present Japan and other countries’ true distinctive qualities effectively and clearly. These opportunities include International projects support and public relations activities, through which we have been cultivating innovative approaches to International projects, event management, and communications.

Our staff are grateful for the privilege of meeting purpose-driven clients and are determined to work together as a team to share "exciting moments" with our clients.

We will continue to meet our client’s expectations, through the most genuine services and world-class standards.
We humbly ask for your continued support.
August 8, 2013
Hironobu Tamura
Oscar Japan Co., Ltd.