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International and Cultural Operations

  • Oscar Japan's core business is supporting international projects based on a clear-cut vision and well thought-out grand design, with a mid/long-range scenario for growth.
  • We invest our energy in understanding your projects thoroughly, so that we can conduct negotiations and build cooperative relationships with key players, focusing on fulfilling your objectives and operational success.
  • Our Strengths
    • ・We have been capable of providing year-round operational support for the public sector.
    • ・We conduct well-planned regular meetings to share the values, the objectives and timeline with clients.
    • ・We build strong international teamwork among key players.
    • ・We are able to organically link various support activities, mainly serving as a secretariat.
    • ・We excel in aligning all elements comprising a project, so as to drive it toward operational success.
    • ・Our public relations for global operations are geared toward communicating each country's true
       distinctive qualities.
Seven elements of international business

Moving International Projects forward calls for a synergy of expertise.

Elements of Our Service

Research/Surveys Finding the best operational environment and other key elements related to your operations in the target country. Public Relations Creating communication tools designed to meet the sophisticated standards your organization embraces and that serve your objectives.
Negotiations Communicating with target organizations in the target country directly on your behalf and build trustworthy relationships with them. Coordination/Arrangement Making travel and venue arrangements, optimized to serve your purpose and budget.
Translation Producing localized materials of the highest quality using a team of translators, editors, proofreaders, and editorial designers. Stakeholder Management Reaching potential participants/attendees whose profiles fit your operational objectives.
Interpretation Selecting interpreters best fitted for the given topic, and organizing a team to support operational success.

Oscar Japan's Four Drivers of Success

Creative Planning Ability We draw up project plans that are universally effective, with smart allocation of available resources and time.
Effective Negotiation Skills On behalf of our clients, we negotiate directly with target organizations in the target country.
Execution Capability We are a one-stop provider of seven services (research/surveys, negotiations, translation, interpretation, public relations, coordination/arrangement, stakeholder management), covering the entire spectrum of operational support - from planning and execution to follow-up.
Public Relations with Impact We strive to create an environment whereby all communication tools are produced with rich content and a unified image, so as to raise client value and organizational motivation.
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