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We share the missions and passions with our clients.
At every opportunity we can find, we send out messages
that embody "images of operational success."

We find the best avenue for the content, and produce high-quality communications that enhances organizational and operational values.

Our Strengths

  • Oscar Japan evolved from a new type of public relations agency.
  • We provide year-round public relations services, directly to our clients.
    • ・With our clients, we study the organization and its operations, to clarify the ultimate objectives of their communications.
    • ・We find the "core values" of the client’s operations and maximize them in our communications.
    • ・We figure out the best formula for the project's rationale, objectives, targets, methods, and budget.
    • ・We work in such a way that stakeholders feel motivated and have their horizons broadened.
  • We build a framework of communications continuously and constructively.
    • ・We create a concept that serves as a basis for communication, including logos and other graphics.
    • ・We apply the concept to all facets of communication.
    • ・We make sure that every communication tool leads to an effective outcome.
    • ・We build a bilateral communication framework, underpinned by organically combined communication methods.

Delivery with Brilliant Impact

Communicating through physically tangible tools makes a "real and pleasant impact" on the recipients.
They come in different forms, such as posters announcing the event, textbooks, commemorative gifts, etc.
We produce these tools under a unified theme so they can open your door to the future.

【Communication Tools】

Printed Deliverables
  • Brochures, bidding documents
  • Posters, leaflets
  • Textbooks, syllabi
  • Periodicals
  • Calendars
  • Gifts
  • Congress bags
  • Souvenirs (for both Japan and overseas events)
  • Stickers
Web-based and Others
  • Websites
  • Online public relations
  • Videos
  • CD-ROMs
  • Logos

【Production Flow (Printed Deliverables)】

Production Flow (Printed Deliverables)
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