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International conferences, symposiums, seminars, fact-finding tours, trade shows, and exhibitions

  • We present each country’s true distinctive qualities, and thereby contribute to solidifying the country's global presence.
  • We focus our energy and resources on bringing out the best in each player engaged in materializing the event, and help them to crystallize their plans and bear fruit.
  • Our Strengths
    • We plan and manage all phases of the project based on a carefully-prepared grand design.
    • ・Assisting organizations in going global
    • ・Organizing events for knowledge sharing, and discussions of innovative solutions for collaborative projects
       involving international players.
    • ・Organizing special anniversary events
    • ・Organizing kick-off events for new offices and organizations.
    • ・Driving public relations activities to communicate an organization’s operational strategies and policies.
    • ・Setting up an optimum environment for addressing issues, motivating stakeholders, and resolving challenges.

Events provide opportunities to form and refine information, and build a stable basis for its dissemination.

A Process Leading to Success

Organization capability increases
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